Jade's Suprise butterfly birthday cake, This is the first attempt at using petal dust & cake out great, took a while to get butterflies to look good, but i think it came out pretty good! the holes in the top of the cake were for candles.
This is fully edible cake that I made for a Poker run (benifit) auction, sold for over $100 and it was my first ever fondont cake!
A birthday cake, again fully edible for a little boy down the street who is a huge crash fan, This was my first time using rice crispies as a base for a larger piece.
My moms 1 year wedding anniversery cake, I made every single flower on top twice, as I found out that cats like to eat fondont! middle had fresh strawberries and whipped cream!
For my sister in law Kelsey on her birthday, she has a horse farm and LOVES horses, kinda looks like a farmville cake lol, My favorite cutest cake yet!
FUN and easy to make cake, yes it IS a cake... with twix all around it and mnm's on the top! Plus I made a m&m to look like my step dad Gary! He loved it & dident wanna eat it!
A birthday cake for Hailey - A very odd shaped, colorful 3 tier cake with a big bow!.
< --- Another Cake for Auction, this one was auctioned at about $75.00!

----> I Helped Alissa make her first cake!
< --- Left This is a halloween cake - I took the picture before adding the hand opening the coffin and the red roses to the cross on top

---->A remake of Missy's Bouquet - in cake, for her One year anniversery, just a small 6 inch cake - fully edible & lots of detail & time!
< --- Fairy I made for the top of my neightbor Jade's Cake! The wings sparkle with glitter sprinkles!

----> A friend of my mom's Birthday cake - wanna guess what she ate first?